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Ordering essay writing tips: custom writing service for beginners

Every student has a period in his life when he understands that the time to order custom writing service has come. It may be the desire to save time, or the desire to try something new, or lack of thoughts for an essay, or something else. But when it happens, a student starts to wonder where to order essay writing for a reasonable price. Except for the price he also looks for a good (or at least satisfying) quality.

There are plenty of companies which provide custom writing service. Anyone can find something to his preference. But why should you look for more places if you can just stay on our website and order custom essays enjoying benefits of low prices, bonuses for next orders and professional team of writers? We have been working more than 10 years, and we know what kind of custom essay service you expect to receive. We have made essay writing not only the way to earn money, but also our passion. And who writes papers better than a person who adores them?

How do we make custom essay available for everyone?

When we started to work with custom essay service, we even could not imagine how many tricks we would meet. But today we know on which points to pay attention not to miss anything. It concerns both other managing work and writing itself. For example, today we ask our clients to write all requirements to a paper at once. It helps us write the best paper at once. Professional custom essay service is based on hundreds of important things. And that is a big mistake to forget about them.

One of the main mistakes new custom writing service companies make is placing too high prices. They forget that their clients are mainly students who do not have a possibility to pay for services a lot. But we make our custom essay service available even for school visitors. First of all, papers of different grades have different pricing. It means that a paper for high school student will never cost the same as a paper for a senior.

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Pricing of custom essay service includes many aspects. Of course, there are some of them which are more important than others. To make up fair price for your order we pay attention to the following parameters of your order:

  • Deadlines
  • Academy level
  • Volume

Let's look closer at each of these aspects to understand why they are so important for custom essay service pricing.

No one likes deadlines

You won't find a person who likes deadlines. Deadline means that something is going wrong. That timing is so tough you cannot breathe. But we will find the solution for any deadline. Our writers are ready to work day and night to be able to provide you with the best custom writing service. They may a deep research for your order no matter how tough the deadlines are. Of course, the tougher the deadlines are, the higher the price is.

Academy level is important. But why?

We take orders on custom essay service for different academy levels. Our writers successfully work with student papers and PhD dissertations. It is obvious that a high school essay cannot be of the same price as dissertations. Before you order a custom essay service on our website, please check all prices. If you cannot find a price for your assignment, make a request to our support team.

Size does matter with your orders!

Price for custom essay service always is based on volume. Your volume requirements can be of different types: word count, pages or even characters. The bigger the volume, the higher the price. Still, even for big volumes we have discounts. You can always expect to pay less for the same high quality.

How can we prove our reliability?

Full-stack custom writing service is our main tool to attract new visitors. We are working with generating ideas for your papers; we look for researches that can be used, sources and proofread any order after a writer is ready with it. But we are not only aimed to attract new visitors. We want they become our permanent customers! That is why we always continue to improve our custom essay service. We are looking for new writers who work is some specified fields. It helps us take more complicated orders. We also always are looking for writers who work quickly with the same good results.

If you worry about payment issues, you should not be. We use only certified and verified payment systems. Paying for custom essay service, you may be sure that you money will be delivered to us, as well as your order will be delivered to you. One more guarantee we are ready to give you is that you can always claim for money refund. Full money refund is provided for orders which were not delivered. For example, if you cancel an order for custom essay service before a writer is ready with it, we return your money. To get a money refund for an already written paper is also possible. If you are not satisfied with our custom writing, you can claim for part refund, or to claim for rewriting a paper. Please be attentive with the fact that conditions of refund different in different cases. If you have not provided enough materials for a good custom writing, we do not promise you a full refund. So do not forget about your responsibilities!

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